Dekton Saw Blade homologated by COSENTINO. Problem solver for professional DEKTON® conditioning.

Problem solver for professional DEKTON® conditioning
The new product of COSENTINO wins recognition on the global market. However, numerous companies have significant problems to work this high-compressed material profitable. All conventional tools for ceramic materials used until now, blunted after less time and the cutting quality is impaired.

Company VENA sets itself the target to make the process more efficient and profitable, to be able to work DEKTON economically. The evolution was directly performed, according to the mandatory requirements in cooperation with the material manufacturer.

The result is the special diamond blade MTR-2. The cutting process in DEKTON and other ceramic materials gives new dimensions in relation to cutting ability, feed rate and cutting quality 
This ensure a secure and efficient process control.

receive with the complete satisfaction of COSENTINO headquarter the homologation for this high technology product. The MTR-2 for DEKTON is able to achieve a feed rate of more than 2m/min. The lifetime in linear meters is excellent (Ø400 - 1.350m).
  • excellent cutting accuracy
  • works without blunting
  • comes up to >2m/min feed rate
  • high quality tool for perfect effectivity
  • steelcore in silent-quality       
  • made in Germany

ATTENTION! - INTRODUCTORY PRICE valid until 30. November

Link to DEKTON Blade MTR - 2

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